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B Corp Certification

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Have you been thinking about B Corp certification for 6 months? A year? Multiple years? Purpose driven organizations who are committed to using business as a force for good are often committed to certification, but find the process difficult to navigate, and struggle to find bandwidth for the steps required.If this sounds like you, we can help! The Impact Collective streamlines the process allowing you to get your assessment submitted in 8-12 weeks.
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B Impact Assessment

We walk you through each and every question to ensure you’re not left wondering “what the heck does this even mean??” We bring a strategic approach to the B Impact Assessment and allow time and space to ponder, brainstorm, and ideate.

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Strategic Roadmap

We provide a strategic roadmap that allows you to increase your points and increase your impact. Our customized decision matrix ensures that any implementation or documentation you pursue is in line with your strategic business priorities, not just a check list of tasks.

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The Collective’s Template Library

Our template library saves you time and effort when it comes to documentation. Whether you’re starting from scratch trying to create an employee handbook, or looking for a deeper level of sophistication in tracking your environmental impact, we’ve got a template for that.

B Impact Assessment Sprint

BIA Sprint's are well suited for solopreneurs, smaller companies, and those who are based in Portland, OR. We complete the entire B Impact Assessment in one day and deliver your implementation/documentation roadmap within 2 weeks.Still have questions? Check out our resource page for more information about what it means to B Corp certified and what the process entails.
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“The BIA was very overwhelming for someone going through the process the first time. Many of the questions and answers did not necessarily feel black and white. Sarah and Rebecca were organized and made the process feel much more manageable. They also had great energy and I genuinely enjoyed hanging out with them on the calls!”

Cindy G

Tom Bihn

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“Without your skills, I’d have been highly stressed and likely unsuccessful. Instead I experienced a low stress positive outcome. I loathe forms and paperwork in a near pathological way. You guided me through this minefield of anxiety with ease and grace.”

Charlie Wicker

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“I cannot recommend The Impact Collective enough! Sarah and Rebecca are easy, fun and knowledgeable to work with. The BCorp Certification process can feel daunting but their knowledge and experience, coupled with their easy going natures yet extremely organized work flows, makes navigating the certification process an breeze.”

Shannon Ormond

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