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Impact Strategy

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You are firm in your beliefs about needing to do business in a way that leads to a better future for all of us. But there are a lot of ways to do that. There are so many crises to attend to and all of them are important. Where do you start? How do you know you're making decisions that create the most impact given your limited resources? Where should you focus your efforts? You need an impact strategy - a path forward and a plan of action that connects your unique ability to make an impact in the world with what the world needs most right now.


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Know Where to Focus

Be clear about where you are now and where you're headed in your impact journey. Feel confident when taking your next step.
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Know how to adjust

After you taken that step, understand if the results are in line with your vision. Know how and when to shift if needed.
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Grow your impact

Make social impact drive your business success. Do more good with more profit and make profit by doing good.

The Value

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Experience the ease that comes with knowing you're on the right path to greater impact for you and your business.
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Integrity comes from knowing your actions are in line with your mission and vision for a better world. Feel the fulfillment of running your business with integrity.
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Prove It Can Be Done

You know that putting people and planet first can be profitable too. Make it happen, share your story, and build the movement.
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First, we get to know you and your business. We use our impact framework to gain a holistic understanding of your company’s impact journey. What are you passionate about? What is your vision for a better world? We want to know it all - because all of it matters.

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We take what we heard, connect the dots, and help you develop an Impact Roadmap that’s in line with your overall company strategy. You'll have a clear path forward that aligns your vision, capacity, and external factors all in one focused plan.

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Now for the fun part - let's make it happen. We don't believe in handing off a strategy and walking away. We know plans change. We partner with you as you implement the plan and coach you through the difficulties that come with change management. Then we help you adjust accordingly.

Who This is For

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Early Stage Social Enterprises

We help organizations integrate their purpose into how they run their business - so social impact drives their success. We dive deep to understand your organization and your unique purpose to determine where to focus so you can achieve maximum impact.
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Purpose Driven Organizations

We are passionate about helping purpose driven organizations who have been wanting to explore B Corp certification, but have been overwhelmed by the process. We provide a comprehensive impact strategy assessment to determine whether or not B Corp is right for you. And if it is, we’ll give you everything you need to get certified.
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Beyond B Corp

Current B Corps and mission-driven organizations seeking to elevate their impact. We work with you to go beyond - building on the B Corp framework so you can achieve maximum impact.